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Health is not just the absence of disease, it is the freedom to live a radiant and joyful life

Ayurvedic medicine is a holistic approach to health that uses personalized nutrition, herbal remedies, massage treatment, and lifestyle changes to restore the body and mind to a state of balance.
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Is Ayurveda right for me?

Something feels out of balance

Your imbalance can come in the form of disease, illness, depression, anxiety, fatigue, or simply an inner knowing that you aren’t living as fully as you could.

Full list of what Ayurveda treats in FAQs

You have “tried everything and nothing works”

You have been to all the doctors, been prescribed countless medications, tried every fad diet, and visited all kinds of “healers.” Yet, symptoms persist.

You are ready to prioritize your well-being

You know you deserve to really feel good in your body, and you are ready to embrace a lifestyle that will support you and create deep, lasting results. 

About Ayurveda

Ayurvedic Medicine originated in India more than 5000 years ago and is one of the world’s oldest holistic approaches to health. Literally translated as “The Science of Life,” it views health as a balance between Mind, Body, Spirit, and the interplay of the elements that impact them. When imbalance or disease occurs, Ayurveda focuses on harmonizing the individual within the natural rhythms of our world.
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There is no one-size-fits-all approach to wellness in Ayurveda. Each person has a unique metabolic system or what Ayurveda would call a “constitution.” What helps one person achieve balance can throw another person completely out of balance. Each treatment plan is unique and customized to fit the needs of the individual.
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Ayurveda aims to find the root cause of your symptoms. While Western medicine tends to treat individual symptoms, Ayurveda looks for what is causing the imbalance in the first place. Rather than “side effects,” this approach offers “side benefits” as the entire system moves towards a place of true wellness.
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Tangible and applicable to the modern world. Although Ayurveda is an ancient practice, its core principles are unchanging as they correlate with the laws of nature and can be applied to any system. Sarah has focused her practice on understanding how modern environments, food, and stressors affect individuals today.

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