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Ayurvedic consultations (in person & online!)

If you are seeking  to relieve physical or emotional symptoms, an illness, or to get to know yourself on a deeper level, Ayurveda can help  answer your questions. Aligning  the mind, body and soul through Ayurveda can lead to living within your own harmony.  Ayurvedic consultations are the first step in balancing your life and are in depth appointments designed to understand your conditions.

Our first consultation will be a 60 minute discussion encompassing a detailed history to investigate your current symptoms, including a wide range of emotions to physical attributes. This session allows me to understand, diagnose & create your personal Ayurvedic  plan of healing.

The 2nd session introduces your first Ayurvedic protocol which includes modifications and adjustments to your food and lifestyle. The focus is to help you connect your emotional experiences and how it manifests in your physical body. The awareness you gain will give you knowledge to move your life forward. 

Ayurveda Consultation

My philosophy is to help my clients make changes according to who they are, which is not a textbook approach. When making changes I will teach you “A” and when “A” becomes simple, I will teach you “B”. This way your mind & body will adjust smoothly, and the healing is consistent and long term. 

 Though Ayurveda has deep roots in ancient wisdom, it easily adapts to today because it follows the laws of nature. 

This is personal.

Depending on your condition we can be working together for 3 months to a year. This is not to keep you in a loop but in order to experience real,  deep healing, consistency and patience must be present. Information is given at a digestible pace in order to respect our bodies and to give it time to adapt.  We live in a world where everything is so abruptly fast and by disrupting this narrative I ask you to take your time, and allow us to work together so you can feel, sense and see the results. 

After the second session, we will estimate the length of treatment with healing packages that will be discussed and offered. 

The client will learn how to begin healing using Ayurvedic methods of food, lifestyle, and herbal medicines.

Follow up sessions help me support you in:
Continued healing; checking what is working.
Food, meals, & shopping.
Carity of emotions.
Deeper understanding how current & past emotional situations are no longer serving your health.
Updated routines  (seasonal, environmental, menstruation cycles)

One yoga class, one workout, one therapy session is nice, but you don’t see real change. 

I am serving South Florida (Parkland, Coral Springs, Boca Raton, Pompano, Davie, Hollywood, Miami). 

In Israel or abroad (or prefer to meet online)? No problem! I’ve been working with clients virtually for years.

Since living in Israel for almost a decade, I am able to help you navigate buying/shopping for food & can even suggest how to get herbal medicines if they are needed. 

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