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Ayurvedic Practicioner in South Florida

Meet Sarah, an Ayurvedic medicine specialist serving Coral Springs, Parkland, Boca Raton and all of South Florida.

About Sarah

For over a decade, Sarah has dedicated herself to becoming an expert in the 5000-year-old practice and teachings of Ayurveda and she is enthusiastic about sharing her expertise with individuals from various locations throughout the world.  Her ability to closely connect and develop trust with her clients was forged through her own journey to the practice.  Sarah organically found Ayurveda and immediately felt a deep, energetic connection to the study.  The practices and teachings play an integral role in Sarah’s life on a daily basis.  Rather than just instruct clients about the practice, Sarah exemplifies the teachings through all of her actions and is able to transfer this passion to clients.  Her satisfied clients have routinely told Sarah that her own personal connection to the practice motivated them to effectively make changes in their own lives.
Through Ayurveda, Sarah provides her clients with a new and enlightening way to understand health and wellness, which they had never received from their own doctors they continue to visit without relief.  Sarah does not solely treat the symptoms her patients present with when she meets them; she works diligently and meticulously to determine the true root causes and imbalances in each individual that are causing them discomfort.  Once Sarah determines the “why,” she develops an individualized and narrowly tailored plan for each client.  There is nothing more fulfilling for Sarah than to help her clients shift their narrative about healing and understand that they can take a preventative approach by making the simple changes found in the Ayurveda practice.  She finds endless joy in explaining this ancient medicine to clients in a way they can understand and adapt to today’s world.  She zealously believes that anyone can find both mental and physical freedom, as well as peace and serenity, through Ayurveda.
Sarah’s success with clients derives from her extensive training.  She is an internationally-trained practitioner, studying from renowned instructors on multiple continents.  Her study began in the United States and Israel, but her passion and understanding of the medicine solidified when she trained in India where the practice began over 5000 years ago.  Sarah now practices and continues to study in South Florida, seeing myriad clients both in-person and virtually.

SDM College of Ayurveda & Hospital, India
SDM College of Ayurveda & Hospital, India
Sarah Schiff


Ayurvedic Pancabhautik Training, Dr. Kedar Shende 2019-2023

Ayurveda Therapist, Ami Rayne and Yael Rayne, Israel 2016-2018

Clinical Internship Program SDM College & Hospital of Ayurveda ,India

Ayurveda Therapist, Dr. Light Miller and Dr. Brian Miller, USA 2015-2016

Mentored under Dr. Light Miller 2014-2015


200 hour YTT Mystik Roots Yoga Shala with Amelia Maynard 2019

200 hour YTT Inner Peace Yoga Sivananda 2011

Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho

Reiki Master Melissa Nagrocki 2016

Reiki Master Rev. Linda Raphael 2014

B.A. Linguistics and Anthropology 2011-2015

The Clinic

Sarah practices in South Florida.
She is also a part of The Clinic space in the heart of Tel Aviv.
She also offers Zoom sessions for clients abroad for all her offerings besides Ayurvedic massage.

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