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I highly recommend Sarah as an Ayurvedic healer. When I came to her, I was suffering from very painful menstruation related to trauma. I immediately felt I could trust Sarah to hold loving space for that pain and its healing — both emotional and physical. In three short months, I went all-in on herbs and treatments. I came to understand that this process is about taking my healing into my own hands — all the while trusting Sarah to hold my hand through it. I really appreciate how Sarah has taken the time, care, and sensitivity to address all of my (rather complex) needs. She definitely does her due diligence. And together, we did the work. Not to mention, her treatments are a true gift and such a treat! Through her intuitive touch, I was able to release a lot and allow for more love and peace into my body and spirit.

I am amazed that not only have I experienced tremendous relief in my period pain already, but I also see vast improvement in my management of my Type 1 Diabetes (best blood sugars I’ve had in ages!). And my spirit feels the relief of healing as well. I have learned so much about my body and how to treat it, and I have learned so much from Sarah. This experience has inspired me to study Ayurveda more deeply myself! I’m truly grateful to Sarah for being there for me and showing me what’s possible in so many ways! Thank you and cheers to this path!
-Elizabeth Goodman

I am thrilled to share my experience with Sarah since I’ve been seeing her for over a year and this review is long overdue.

I was recommended her treatments by my psychologist when I was struggling a lot mentally and also with my eating habits.

Sarah helped me by creating a plan to help me with my eating, as well as that we began with massages.

What sets Sarah apart is her unwavering commitment to healing not only the body but also the mind and spirit. She has a warm and compassionate presence, she creates a safe and nurturing space allowing you to let go of tension, stress, and emotional burdens.

Through her skilled hands and intuitive touch, Sarah channels positive energy, promoting balance, and restoring harmony to your entire being.

Sarah sets intention into every touch and it shows, she leaves my body feeling loved and healed in a way that I’ve never experienced before through any type of massage.

If you are seeking an Ayurvedic healer who goes above and beyond, I wholeheartedly recommend Sarah. Her incredible massages, coupled with her genuine compassion, will leave you feeling deeply nourished and restored.

Her sessions truly are a gift that I cherish and will Im sure you will too.

Love you so much Sarah, Thank you for everything.
– Orin Reuveni

Sarah has helped me in more ways than I can count with her Ayurveda practice. She dismantled the narratives society preaches about food and diet culture. I understand myself and my body on another level thanks to her help guiding me through connecting my past experiences to my current lifestyle habits and how the two together impact my health now.

Before I came to her my period was at least a week to 10 days long with horrible cramping. Since working with Sarah my period is 3 days long and the cramping is to a minimum.

Ayurveda can feel like magic but really it’s just an ancient practice developed over thousands of years that truly works. And Sarah is an incredible practitioner who makes you feel so comfortable and really cares about helping you feel your best. I can’t recommend her enough.


I approached Sarah during Covid (in 2020?) when I was mentally exhausted, very anxious, and vulnerable I felt like I needed therapeutic help and decided to try both: Western and more holistic approach, because to be honest, I was desperate. 

I need to admit that I came to Sarah a bit skeptical. I was open, but didn’t think that I’m about to discover so many new things about myself. 

We started with then nutrition: Sarah provided me with tools and knowledge that I apply to my day to day even until now, almost 4 years later. She was always there for me during these years, when I needed support, advice, herbs, or a new bottle of Ghee (Ghee truly changed my life, but that’s a whole different story). 

I can say that for me, meeting Sarah was a beginning of a very exciting, deep, and challenging journey within. I learned so much about Ayurveda and changed my perspective on many things.

During the last 3 years I also took many Ayurvedic massage packages. I don’t know how to describe in words exactly what it does to the mind/body, but I can say that for me it unblocked and released lots of pain and allowed energy to flow more freely. In the beginning it was very difficult, because the change was profound, but with time I learned to embrace it.

I’m very grateful to Sarah for everything I received during these years and can’t recommend her enough. You are very lucky if you read this review so don’t miss an opportunity to take care of your health: physical, mental, and spiritual.
-Kristina Kudryavtseva

Sarah was amazing and has a very holistic approach. She made me feel really comfortable and I felt that I could trust her with all my feelings after going through a miscarriage. We did the Ayurvedic massage and she was very gentle and caring. It was everything I needed after going through all these challenging changes with my body and soul. She also gave me a nutritional plan made especially for me, taking in consideration everything that was important to me. She reached out several times after our sessions to see how I was feeling. Thank you Sarah ❤️

I was looking to follow an Ayurvedic diet when I found out I was pregnant as I heard it can help prepare your body for childbirth. That’s when I met Sarah.

Our journey together started with a consultation, during which she crafted a personalized diet. I also felt there was a good energy and decided to incorporate her Ayurvedic massages into my prenatal care regimen.

We had these sessions from the early stages of my pregnancy, right through to term. They were extremely gentle and calming for both mind and body, and I believe that this paired with the Ayurvedic diet helped tremendously because I truly had a dream delivery!

I’m grateful to have come across Sarah during this time and would highly highly highly recommend her!

-Jessica Mechaly

I met Sarah when she co-hosted an amazing Yoga and Ayurveda retreat with Mica Pomerantz last year. It was my first time learning about Ayurveda. I connected with a lot of what Sarah was discussing there, and I decided to reach out to her following the retreat for an Ayurvedic consultation and massage.

I had never experienced anything like that massage. It was gentle, relaxing, and quite powerful. Sarah is so thoughtful as a practitioner as well. She checked in to see how I was doing following the massage, and answered all of my questions.

I am looking forward for my next opportunity to work with her again. I highly recommend Sarah to anyone looking for a different approach to holistic health.
-Rachel Zankman

It is the first time I am posting a review anywhere, but a review for Sarah is worth it.  I met Sarah for the first time a year ago when I was really feeling bad: emotionally, physically, etc.  I was looking for a massage therapist  who could help me with my nervous system breakdown because I truly felt that balancing my energies was a good way to start. 

I am meeting Sarah now once a week for the past year and OMG this is the best moment of the week.  I cannot recommend Sarah enough to help you manage your emotions. She is profoundly a wonderful person and a great listener.

שרה, מומחית ומקצועית על בטיפול על פי שיטת אירובדה.
שרה, הוכיחה עד כמה שיטה זו עובדת, מרפאה גוף ונפש. טיפול בשיאה זו משנה מצב רוח ומביא לידי השלמה בין גוף לנפש.
הטיפול הוא פנימי עמוק הכולל אבחון והתאמה.
אני התנסתי בטיפול ומעידה על שיפור משמעותי.
זכיתי גם בטיפול פיסי מסאז’ מקצועי ביותר המרגיע את הגוף והנשמה. משחרר את הגוף. המסאז’ מאוד מיוחד. אינו דומה לאחרים בהם התנסתי והם לא מעטים. המסאז מיוחד בתנועות ובמעגליות שעובר הגוף.
חוויה עילאית הגורמת לגוך מעין רחיפה הנאה ושחרור.

אני אישית ממליצה ביותר. 
יעל שופרוני

I came to Sarah after feeling extreme overwhelm, stress and anxiety – and wanting an opportunity to reconnect with my body. Ayurvedic massage, abhyanga, with Sarah are sweet, special. – like an embracing hug. Her warmth and attentiveness allows for a safe and surrendering experience. She creates a space in which you feel held and taken care of. Her awareness and insight into the body and how to take care of it is vast. After massage with Sarah, you feel as if you’re floating away on a cloud…off into the best sleep you’ve had.

I was crushed when I found out Sarah was leaving and returning to the US, because when it came to massages she was THE ONE. As an energy worker I am extremely sensitive to energies. Sarah has the softest, gentlest touch, and she gives all her love and attention to you. There’s no one better, whoever comes to her now is very lucky.
-Ella Ray

I loved Sarah’s treatment, so holistic and nurturing. After each treatment I feel my body, mind and soul so aligned, recharged and relaxed. Really amazing experience! Highly recommend.
-Victoria BenMussa 

The Ayurveda treatment I did with Sarah taught me to be more aware of my body and my habits. With time I integrated the teachings into my routine and manage to feel more connected with myself.
I also took the Ayurvedic massage several times and it was exactly what my body needed, I felt relaxed and cared for after it.
Sarah always made me feel welcome, heard and felt every time we met. I highly recommend her.
-Patricia M

Sarah, is absolutely professional and has a lots of power. Everytime I receive a treatment I feel recharged and totally relaxed.  Looking always forward for the next time. Namaste
-Ramona Keller

I can’t say enough good about Sarah. She is a sweet & gentle lady, an excellent listener, intuitive, honest and straightforward.

From my first Ayurveda session, I felt heard and understood and Sarah gave me excellent and practical things I could easily incorporate into my daily routine to improve my overall sense of well being. I was shocked to learn how certain foods and habits were working against my Dosha type-  no wonder I wasn’t feeling good! Everything I put into practice has made an absolute difference.

I am so much more balanced, comfortable in my own skin, & feeling optimal now that I am embracing Ayurveda in my life- I can’t wait for my next session! Ayurveda is like yoga, everyone in the planet should be doing it.
-Diana Graves

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